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SAHO Launches its First Virtual Internship Program

21 February 2012

South African History Online has launched an exciting new online collaborative program with Dr Jon Soske, a faculty member the Department of History and Classical Studies at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. The “SAHO Public History Internship” launched in February 2012.

The project follows the creation of SAHO’s pioneering online classrooms. The SAHO Public History Internship is one way that we are at the forefront of new forms of university-level e-learning.

From February-April 2012, regular consultations will take place between 15 students at McGill University enrolled in the course “History of South Africa” and nine SAHO researchers. Through online conversation, students will be guided in their research of a figure from South Africa’s history and produce entries for the SAHO website as well as a longer research paper that will also be published on the website. Students will also be looking for archival material related to their topic that is currently in North America and, if possible, digitizing those resources for the SAHO site. The student’s research paper will also be submitted as part of their coursework.

Mr Omar Badsha, CEO of SAHO, said that the organisations entered into this collaborative project to draw students and academics across the world into what is becoming a unique website and archive of South and Southern African history.

SAHO is also seeking the support of South African universities by getting involved in a similar program. SAHO is already in the process of making this happen.

We are aiming to approach the Department of Higher Education and Training as well as private sector groups to provide resources that would allow post-graduate students to intern for SAHO.

SAHO hopes to expand this project in the next two years and get close on 100 South African and Southern African students involved. This expanded program will see people from major universities and community-based researchers trained in historical researc

The first of its kind in South Africa, the “SAHO Public History Internship” creates international links to generate knowledge about South African history and brings that history to a worldwide audience, all the while realizing the potential of digital technology to enhance our ability to write our history.