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Extraordinary Lives - Zapiro

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13 January 2015

Political cartoonist Zapiro's work is as important as ever following the Charlie Hebdo killings. His life and role in society is discussed.
Cartoonist Jonathan Shapiro – aka Zapiro – is South African journalism’s Don Quixote: he has taken up his pen to defend the vulnerable, honour heroes, point fingers at the corrupt and poke fun at our quirky country and its eccentric people.

Zapiro, a skilful artist, a biting satirist and courageous cartoonist, is committed to social justice and a champion of freedom of expression. He has angered Hindus, Muslims and Jews, and has received law suits and death threats. 

Columnist and author Helen Walne and Andy Mason discuss his life in this podcast. Walne is an award-winning columnist and author of the book, 'The Diving'. She says Zapiro’s courage is contagious and he has inspired her to be brave.

Mason, who is also known as N.D. Mazin, is the pen behind the underground Crumbsian strips such as Vittokes and Azaniamania, and author of 'WHAT'S SO FUNNY? Under the Skin of South African Cartooning'. Andy has written extensively about Zapiro and worked with the cartoonist on his book 'The Mandela Files'. Andy tells us what scares Zapiro (hint: it’s not a R15-million lawsuit). 

Extraordinary Lives is a biographical podcast series that celebrates the contribution that remarkable people have made to South Africa and the world. A well-known guest discusses the life of an extraordinary person who has inspired them. Extraordinary Lives is inspired by the BBC's “Great Lives” and is presented by Jonathan Ancer. It is produced by Triple World Score Media.