There is a general debasement of politics in much of the world. Figures such as Trump in the US, Modi in India, Dos Santos in Angola and Erdogan in Turkey (not forgetting Berlusconi in Italy not too long ago) have become some of the proper names by which this trajectory is often known.

The two Fallist movements to date at UCT have addressed colonial symbols and fees. Both of these issues could be solved easily – remove all symbols and charge no fees. Don’t hold your breath on this.


The Traditional and Khoi-San Leadership Bill before Parliament is dangerous and desperate.

Many academics, including myself, have explored why free higher education is not economically viable in South Africa.

The election of Barack Obama marked the emergence of the Tea Party, a radical right-wing movement that challenged the Republican establishment and ultimately fueled the rise of Donald Trump.

Africa is likely to slide down the list of foreign policy priorities of a Donald Trump administration. This is because America’s foreign policy is determined by both domestic and foreign issues.

Professor Drucilla Cornell, Co-founder of the African Institute for Global Social Thought

Professor Mabogo More, Co-founder of the African Institute for Global Social Thought

Professor Sampie Terreblanche, Professor Emeritus of Economics at Stellenbosch University

To say that the police are using disproportionate force at the University Currently Known as Rhodes (UCKAR) is to understate the immense brutality and repressive tactics experienced by students and staff.

Task teams, ministerial committees, judicial commissions: these are just some of the bodies that have been set up to tackle South Africa’s higher education funding crisis since 2011.