The writer says that by dismissing Nhlanhla Nene (above), President Jacob Zuma pulled the plug on all South Africans. File picture: Nic Bothma

For a while, I was the first person any new blogger in Iran would contact’ ... Hossein Derakhshan. Photograph: Arash Ashoorinia for the Guardian

President Jacob Zuma listens to the state of the nation debate in Parliament. Picture: GCIS

Protesters wave banners and flags calling for the resignation of President Jacob Zuma in Johannesburg on Wednesday. Picture: AFP PHOTO/MUJAHID SAFODIEN

COURT DATES: The ‘spy tapes’ and ‘pay back the money’ matters, in which president Zuma is embroiled, come up in the new year. Picture: SUNDAY TIMES

Almost everything and everyone, it turns out. If last week's anti-corruption march had a vague focus, Cosatu's national strike on Wednesday included something for everyone. The demands however aren't the point.

Under Investigation is an ambitious community development project being run in Steytlerville in the Eastern Cape. The project has several elements but centres on the enquiry of five young people eager to understand and build on the history of their home town during the struggle.