The Life and Death of Dr. Abu Baker ‘Hurley’ Asvat, Wiser Lecture Jon Soske

WISER and CISA invite you to a public lecture on

‘The Life and Death of Dr. Abu Baker ‘Hurley’ Asvat, February 23, 1942-January 27, 1989’

By Jon Soske (Centre for Indian Studies in Africa, Wits)

Wednesday, 19th May 2010

WISER Seminar Room, 6th Floor, Richard Ward Building
East Campus, Wits University

At the time of his murder in 1989, Dr. Abu Baker ‘Hurley’ Asvat was widely revered as ‘the people’s doctor’ based on almost two decades of medical work in Soweto and over a dozen health projects initiated across the Transvaal as AZAPO’s Secretary of Health. Yet despite his close relationship with leading ANC figures like Albertina Sisulu and his significant role in major political events, Asvat’s name rarely appears in histories of the liberation struggle and his life’s work has been almost completely overshadowed by the controversial circumstances of his death. This lecture will discuss Asvat’s biography from his childhood in the multiracial Johannesburg neighbourhood of Vrededorp to his medical study and political activism as part of a PAC-aligned student group in Pakistan; from his leading role in non-racial cricket to his emergence as a central figure in Soweto’s life and politics. This talk will also reflect on the relationship between Lenasia and Soweto as social spaces during the years of apartheid and interrogate the ways in which apartheid racial categories—particularly ‘African’ and ‘Indian’—continue to structure how South African historians represent the recent past.

4 Responses to “The Life and Death of Dr. Abu Baker ‘Hurley’ Asvat, Wiser Lecture Jon Soske”

  1. Mlungisi Magoso Says:

    Ms Albertina Sisulu died without telling the nation on how Dr Abu Baker Asvat was assassinated and any information she had.


  2. B Says:

    Winnie mandela had him murdered. He knew that she killed Stompi


  3. amber Says:

    Corruption Is The Word He Also Knew About His Son And Witnessed Numberous Counts Of Abuse With The Same Excuse About What Was Happening And Many Are Still In Govt And Govt Programs Or Resigned Wealthy We Americans Care Something Must Be Done


  4. amber Says:

    Obamas A Great President And We Wish U Had The Same Its All Politics Developed By The People So We The People Should Be Telling Them No Weapons Only Police Then Education Stop Taking Away Learning Tool That Is The Foundation Of Ciivilization We Always Leave Clues To Being Health Care He Did What He Said Its Cheap And U Can Go Anywhere So I Hope Africa Pakistan And China Have The Same Relief Of A Stress Zumas An Ass And Did He Act Like He Didnt Know What That Foreign Tribal Chief Was Sayn Lies That Was A Funny Diss Lol Lol And The Interppreter Was Fake Shame On You America And Its Not Even Being Talked About Here In The United States They Had All Those High Profied Figures Some Of Which People Want To Kill And They Havent Imprison This Man Who Know After Found Is Claiming Mental Illness Lies And Wat Did The Tribal Leader Say I Wonder A Person Had To Have Read It To The Deaf Lies I Wonder Africa Needs To Get A New President As Well As Isreal A Understand That There On The Land Of God Without War Tourist Attration Of Gods Birthplace Would Be Unlimited But All The Bombing Prevents Tourism Jobs Need To Be Created And There Are But People Create Slave Camqs And Underpay Them Globally Fuck Winnie And Nelson They Were Activist Who Got Lost In The Cause And Paid Devastatingly For There Fame But I Give It To Him Help End Apartheid But Now With Zuma Its Open Season We Americans Want To Legally
    Unfair Treatment Is Going On In The Govt Mayor Ford Us Governer Got Caught Smoking Crack Another Tried To Cover Murder Of Sons Friend Who Died When Playn With A Gun Supposively The Never Said Wha The Agitated Looking Tribal Guy Said On Any Cable News Ndtwork Cnn Aljaz Local Not Everyone Has A Computer


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