President Zuma Do The Right Thing

October 9, 2008

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The die has been cast and President Zuma has since Polokwane been presiding over a party that has  been experiencing a loss of credibility and direction. The centre is not holding and the Stalinist style purges of the Mbeki faction has led to the possibility of a sizeable group of people breaking away from the ANC. The crisis for President Zuma it seems will continue to deepen because of what Blade Nzimande has to say about Lekota and Co. that there is no consensus inside the NEC of the ANC on how to deal with the breakaway faction.

If Zuma cannot muster enough support for calm deliberation to prevail in the ANC then it will further demonstrate that he is beholden to the Nzimandi’s, Malema, Vive Axix.

The only way to save the ANC from tearing itself apart is if Lekota and his group can muster support from one third of the branches of the ANC to call for the convening of a special congress. This conference would discuss the issues that Lekota has put on the table which would go a long way towards healing the rift and institute genuine reform within the ANC. However, the possibility of a special conference being convened is highly unlikely.

President Zuma should take note that it is on his watch that the ANC is facing a serious split. That it is under his watch watch that there is a real possibility of the ANC is going to loose a number of provinces.

It is clear that Lekoto and Co. have thrown down the gauntlet and shifted the debate on a number of crucial issues. Lekoto’s evoking the demands of the Freedom Charter that “all shall be equal before the law” means that the ANC cannot convincingly go to the electorate to argue that charges against President Zuma should be politically resolved. Zuma is going to be charged and the ANC will have to accept that he will have to have his day in court.Let the court decide if Zuma is guilty of corruption or not.

President Zuma can win the support of the country if he comes out categorically against corruption and nepotism by supporting the call for the institution of a judiciary inquiry into the arms deal.  President Zuma will get the support of the country if he would support the call for a judiciary inquiry to be held into whether Mbeki misused his office to undermine parliament and if he had undermined the rule of law by protecting criminal elements in his administration.

Zuma can instill confidence in the ANC as the torch bearer of our freedom struggle and the country’s new constitution should he decline being nominated as President of the country. The destiny of the ANC and the well being of the country is in your hands. Do the right thing comrade President  Zuma

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